About Inspiration Bug

I love to plan.  Yes, there is something so simply satisfying about creating a list, and checking it off. But better still, the satisfaction of the science and artistry when organization meets creativity.  Sigh.  Give me a destination and a date, and I will put together a travel itinerary that will make your head spin.  Research the minutiae of every last meal, activity and adventure and navigate a timely arrival at each?  No problemo.    I just can’t help myself… and this is supposed to be my vacation!  (I secretly think hubby and I would rock the Amazing Race, but I can’t tear that boy away from his work!)

So the realization came when I got engaged.   I had always dreamed of an autumn wedding.  Love the fall.  The leaves, the colors, the crisp light that sinks early into dusk.  So with 6 months to the day, I dove headlong into planning.  It was the time of my life, and I was in my element.  A little stress, a lot of lists and Monster Energy Drink by the case.  In retrospect, I probably would have worked myself (and my pocketbook) into a state of exhaustion had the engagement been any longer.  And then the fateful day arrived, and everything went swimmingly.

After a few months and the glow of recently wedded bliss began to fade (not in a bad way, just in a basking with my mate and fluffing the nest kind of way), I started thinking about planning another wedding.  Preposterous.  Well, maybe not a wedding but a party.  A celebration.   And so InspirationBug was born…

So now there is a space to design. And plan.  With the hopes to build a community where you can solicit advise or share your expertise to make each event sparkle.  Galleries will be filled with amazing ideas and creativity, and will get you inspired. Because  everything starts with an inspiration.



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