Holiday cheer in a glass

Inspired by the cookie exchange party, I took the “should you eat or drink these cookies” notion to heart.  I’d like to drink mine, thank you very much. Something to be said for enjoying Christmas in liquid form!  ‘Tis the season to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, and why not over a glass of sparkly, creamy or spicy goodness?

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Every year we host a Christmas eve gathering with light fare and cocktails taking center stage.  Being the consummate (and humble) host, I bask in anticipation as I thrust a freshly mixed drink into the hands of an unsuspecting guest and await their reaction.  Get ready for some ooh’s and ahh’s with the below roundup of holiday cocktail stylin’.

Put the ‘ting’ in your glass with a crisp, refreshing peppermint martini sporting a candy cane rim.  With Vanilla Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, lime and mint, it will appeal to everyone on your Christmas list!

{recipe for vanilla peppermint martini}

I love this illustrated recipe for a Gingerbread Cookie Martini.  Graham Cracker Rim? Sign me up.  This recipe is for the artist in all of us… since I did not find any volume measurements, get creative and mix to taste.

{recipe for gingerbread cookie martini}

This looks equally tasty… they had me at “Apple Crisp”

{recipe for gingerbread apple crisp}

Or get a full serving of fruits and veggies and have your apples with pumpkin…

{recipe for Pumpkin Apple Cider Fizz)

A holiday classic – Homemade Eggnog from scratch.  And what a gorgeous picture too!

{recipe for Classic Holiday Eggnog}

Now we always make room for non-alcoholic bevvies this time of year too.  Especially if they are of the delicious-scent-wafting-through-the-house variety.  Hot apple cider warming on the stove anyone?

{recipe for hot apple cider}

How perfect is this Hot Chocolate Station for a holiday open house.  Certainly will appeal to any mini guests on hand or it can double as your dessert bar!

{hot chocolate station via}

Let your inner mixologist shine through and put your own twist on these holiday drinks.  Even if it’s just an orange rind!

Have fun and drink responsibly.  Happy Holidays!



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