Gobble, you are my {dinner} hero

I have been going on and on lately about what a life saver Gobble is.  For those who aren’t familiar, Gobble is a weekly subscription service that delivers prepared meals that only take about 10 minutes to assemble and pop on the dinner table.  Et voila! Dinner is served.  Not naming any names here, but this service is very helpful in households where “someone” may not have an opinion on meal planning, grocery shopping, or any food preparation activities excluding actual consumption (you know who you are).

gobblephoto credit: gobble

I mean, who could argue with delicious, flavorful parcels arriving weekly?  But what started out in my mind as a love letter to this fabulous new godsend at dinner time, is now a plea to make a few changes in order to keep a seat at the table.  So my love letter now includes a few well intentioned suggestions, because I really want to keep you, really I do…

  1. Provide a feedback mechanism for menu suggestions.  Don’t make me bust out a list on your facebook page…
  2. More summer friendly options – it’s summer, Hallelujah!  Maybe salad greens are challenging to keep fresh for an extended period of time (or in a box, baking on my front porch), but what about coleslaw, pasta, broccoli?  More salad!
  3. Let’s plate test!  Who doesn’t want to be part of the test kitchen?  Feel free to send single serving sized science experiments on over to my house.  Or something you are trying to boost sales on like sides, dessert, or even better… specialty cocktails!  In return my inner gourmand will happily play food critic, and potentially sign up for supplemental servings.
  4. Nutritional info… my nightly additions of cooking oil have got to be sticking to something!?!  Calorie counts please, as anyone on a nutritional program can’t leave these things to fate.
I am still a huge advocate for Gobble; you have saved me so much time and heartache belaboring weekly meal planning and preparation.  And for that, I salute you!
gobble2photo credit: gobble
It’s kind of crazy how I have gone from (self proclaimed) event and party planning maven to prepared meals in a refrigerated box.  Ahh, for the love of sanity and a few extra minutes with the little munchkin…



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