New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are again at the start of a new year.  Where did the last one go?  The older we get the faster the years seem to fly by.  That’s why I love this time of year.  It is an opportunity to slow down, assess where you’re at, focus on the year ahead, set goals for yourself… you know the drill.  I keep my new year’s resolutions close by throughout the year in order to keep me on course.  This year, I am going to up the ante a bit, and assign actionable items to the usual “eat healthy, stay fit mantra”.  Exciting times ahead!

If you are anything like me, I am one of those “out with the old, in with the new” kind of gals. So, as I wrap up the end of the year, I try to take some time to clear the way for all the exciting new things about to arrive.  Clean up my computer, file things, tidy the closet… I somehow think the physical task also clears some mental space or maybe it’s the mindlessness of de-cluttering that allows you to start a mental list.

1. Eat Healthy – Last year I cut so many things out of my diet, yet there was no transformation into a rock solid swimsuit model.  I must be doing something wrong!  Oh well, I am sure my body is much healthier – on the inside.  This year I am committing to counting calories, making more of my own meals, and losing 10 lbs!

2. Stay Fit – Well hello old friend!  Time to shake things up a bit – my gym routines need a refresh to keep things interesting and find new muscles to feel the burn.

3. Cross at least 3 things off your Life List – I guess I have always kept a life list, I just never knew that’s what it was called.  Then I read about the Life List over at, and this baby had a name.  Now I have a good looking list of things I have always wanted to do… and by 2013, at least 3 of them will have a check mark beside them.

4. Find a Creative outlet – creativity loses out to more practical and menial tasks on a regular basis.  Time to let that creative spark loose and see what it gets into next.

SO big, important, resolution worthy concepts get a plan.  And they like it that way, because that is how they can be achieved.

Happy New Year, and get inspired!



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