election night party

Ah politics.  What has become of our country – so divided she is.  One of those forbidden topics of business has bled into mainstream conversation.  The messages from candidates have taken on such a negative bent and focus on the shortcomings of their rivals instead of their own potential for positive impact.  Come November 6th, we are all going to have to get behind one president and join together to appeal for positive change.  Take a step in the right direction by inviting friends, neighbors and family – Republicans and Democrats alike -to celebrate democracy and socialize while watching the wild outcome of election returns.

Decorate patriotically in red, white and blue – simple streamers and balloons set a festive tone.  Since you might be receiving guests at different times throughout the evening depending on polling lines – you may want to set up a DIY pizza station or Baked Potato bar that guests create and pop into the oven for a hot meal upon arrival.

Congratulations on exercising your right to vote, and doing your part to unify the community – one small step toward reuniting a non partisan country!  Hurray!



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