essential items for every backpack

Day tripping.  Travel. Road Trip.  A backpack filled with the right essentials comes to the rescue on many occasions.  When you can put your hands on the right thing at the right time, you feel like you have won the Oprah purse lottery.  You know, when Oprah would ask the audience for random items, and some well prepared woman would pull said item out of her handbag to win a cash prize…

Having recently returned from vacation, hubby and I were appreciative for a few well stowed necessities of life, including:

SNACKS – Plane rides bring out the munchies in everyone, especially when the meal planned during a connection turns into a sprint for the gate due to a fight delay.  I like to cover all my food groups, including sweet, salty and savory.  I have also noticed that airports are adding water filling stations just past security, where you can refill an empty water bottle.  Hurray! That $5 you would normally spend on water can now be budgeted towards entertainment…

Entertainment – For me, vacation is my time to catch up on all the reading piling up on my bedside table.  Audio books are also another great way to feed your brain, and when you have had your fill of literature, bring out the tabloid magazines for a little brain candy.

Shelter – Create a soundproof and climate controlled personal zone with a good set of earplugs and a wrap that doubles as a blanket.  Now, if you could only get that 3 year old to quit kicking your seat in order to experience zen.

Sometimes a break from your day to day routine allows you to unleash your inner creative.  By including your camera and a sketchbook, you can capture and document your inspirations.

*Bonus essential item*  Sandals!  How many times have you been traveling, dancing, or wanting to stop for a pedicure and need a shoe wardrobe change?  Et voila, problem solved!



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