Pre prom night party ideas

Prom night may very well be the most anticipated night of high school, if not one’s entire school career.   And why not?  It has been 12 hard-earned years in the making.  To get the most out of your evening, why not host a pre prom party to start the night off in style.  It is also a great way to get some memorable photos before the night gets going and you let your hair down.  You can select a theme for your party, or if your friends are game, you can even theme your entire group…

photo via: reddit

You can have a lot of fun with the theme for your party.  It’s a night to celebrate, but also marks the jumping off point towards your future.  With that in mind, dream big about what awaits you and consider a party inspired by travel, a college or career path that you have chosen, or your bright future…

bright future party via: kara's party ideas

Make sure you give your guests a long runway for arrival; it takes us ladies a while to get all put together for such a momentous occasion.  As guests arrive, you can keep them occupied by taking turns as both photographer and subject by setting up a photo booth with some cool props.  Try some of these fun printables from ohhappyday, or get creative and design your own king and queen styled props, complete with sash and crown.

photo via: ohhappyday

For many of your guests, this may be the first snack break in a while, so you should put out some food of sustenance which is hand held and not too messy.  Yes, this is exactly the kind of occasion that calls for food on a stick…

photo credit: antipasto kebabs

Now that the gang has arrived, raise a glass to all you have accomplished, and to whatever the future has in store with a sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail.  This blood orange & peach virgin sangria looks perfect…

A nice touch is to have a powder room set up with all kinds of accroutrements – hairspray, mouthwash, breath mints, etc. so your guests can freshen up before stepping into their awaiting carriage….

Have fun, play safe, and congratulations on your accomplishment!  Cheers!



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