{menu} easter brunch and hot-crossed bun love

You know how a lot of food blogs have really cool web names based on their favorite dish?  If I was a food blogger, mine would be called hotcrossedbuns.com, because you guessed it, I LOVE me some HCB.  Well, that site might get blocked since it sounds X rated.  And maybe it should be, seeing that it would have the most awesome hot crossed buns ever!  On second thought, probably not such a good idea considering they are only eaten once a year.  Too bad, because buns this tasty should be eaten year round…

hot crossed buns via poires au chocolat

My favorite HCB are super spicy, and chocka with candied peel and raisins.  Kind of like the fruitcake version of HCB, which kind of got me thinking about these tasty Easter Spiced Buns I used to pick up all the time at a local Jamaican bakery.  The best part about these buns are that they are supposed to be eaten with cheese!  Delicious.  Now I have been eating my Raisin Bran Muffins with cheddar for ages, and with the discovery of these buns, my options for sweet and savory snacks just got a whole lot better.  I found a tasty looking recipe for the JSB at the Caribbean current, which would be a nice change up for an Easter Brunch menu (served with cheese of course)!

photo credit: Jamaican spiced bun

Since this is an occasion to celebrate, a festive cocktail is in order.  I think a refreshing, sparkling grapefruit number would be a nice complement.  Boom!  The below libation with cointreau, gin, lime and basil will do quite nicely, thank you..

the plantation via cocktail remedy

Lately, I have had quiche on the brain but don’t want to get too carb heavy with my brunch menu.  Unless, of course, you are planning to crash out on the sofa for the remainder of the day.  For whatever reason, the meat synonymous with Easter is ham. Easter Ham.  Its’ a thing.  How about a lovely frittata with said ham or Canadian bacon?

ham, cheddar and basil frittata via the comfort of cooking

All of our menu items can’t be labor intensive, so a simple berry salad to round out the menu is a snap to make  and adds a pop of color to your Easter Brunch spread.  Enjoy!

easter fruit berry salad via jannapatterson.com




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