Child’s Birthday- From Scientist to Superhero

I’m torn.  It is the classic geek vs. jock conundrum. I love the idea of a bunch of 5 year old’s running around as mad scientists, inspecting worms and doing experiments.  However, my 5 year old nephew likes trains, diggers and earth moving vehicles.  Hmm.  And baking cookies.  Cookies?  Perfect!  Now we have something to work with.  Great to see that the brawn is balanced with a more sensitive side … let’s hope it has some longevity.  Let the party inspiration begin!

Scientist to Superhero color inspiration

{Photo Source} Crayons, Gumballs, Freezies, Children with Capes, Scientist, Cupcakes

Armed with some intel, I think a fun way to play up both sides is a “From Scientist to Superhero” party.  I mean, a lot of our heroes lead a double life as a geek; science or not…  Clark Kent (aka. Superman), Peter Parker (aka. Spiderman), and Bruce Wayne (aka. Batman).  They might not be Nobel prize winners for their accomplishments but they dabble in the sciences, am I right?

{Photo Source} Magnifying Glass, Mini Superhero

There are so many great inspirations for a Superhero and Mad Scientist themed party, it’s tough to know where to start.  Begin with a palette of simple primary colors to tie it all together; from decorations to menu, activities and everything in between.  Bold, strong colors of red, blue and yellow that work for both boys and girls.

Here is some amazing inspiration to get the party planning juices flowing.  I love the wardrobe of capes provided for the munchkins pictured on the chickabug blog.  You can easily pick these up on a Halloween costume website, or from one of the crafty folks on Etsy.  I thought lab coats would also be fun, but wardrobe malfunctions are guaranteed to arise with a change of outfit!  You could also suggest on your invitation guests wear their own costumes.  What 5 year old doesn’t want to wear their Halloween costume as part of their everyday wardrobe?  Sista has sharks and pumpkins roaming her house 365 days a year.

{Photo Source} Capes

Now the invite could be a little tricky, seeing as I have yet to find a similarly themed birthday.  Again, that’s where all of those amazingly talented Etsy peeps come in.  Find a seller whose invitations you like, and they may be willing to customize.  This invitation from allisonpowelldesigns could make up one half of the Jekyll/Hyde (not literally) party inspiration, and they may be willing to redesign to accommodate your superhero.

{Photo Source} Party Invite

More fun, food and activities to come on your Scientist to Superhero themed event!



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